Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blogging Again, Maybe

I have an odd relationship with social media in all its forms, blogging included. Sometimes it’s odd and isolating because you feel like everyone is talking AROUND you instead of with you. But other times it’s great and everyone reblogs the same thing on tumblr and you realize we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. It’s sort of like my relationship with my high school best friend. We don’t talk often, and sometimes I don’t think we have much in common anymore, but then she sends me animated gifs from Star Trek: TNG and I remember why we’re really soul-mates.

Sorry, I was distracted by Captain Picard. What was I saying again?

Right. Blogging.

I should have named this blog “Updated, Like, Once Every Two Years. Or So.” Then I wouldn’t feel any pressure when I see it on my bookmark toolbar, or the spam comments in my email (“Hello I deeply enjoyed reading about how you do this. Visit my site”), or really just the internet in general. But instead I named it Writing Leigh and promptly realized I didn’t want to talk about writing all the time. I just stopped talking (typing.) I do still write, sometimes, but I also volunteer, and cook, and wipe noses (does that ever end??), and clean, and organize, and waste time on the internet, and play video games, and then clean some more.

I’m multi-faceted, okay?

So, for right now, I’m back and talking this stuff out with whoever is listening. This post is really just me, giving myself permission to blog about whatever I want. Prepare for vacation pictures, and crafts, the occasional rant, and yes, writing.

I’m excited. So is Picard.



Bitten Usagi said...
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Bitten Usagi said...

Yay! And I know that feel. Only I did the opposite & in that I shut down all but one of my other blogs to put almost everything in one spot so I'd blog more, blogged a couple times and that was several months ago. Oops.

Anonymous said...

ZOMG you're back on Twitter AND in the Blogosphere! YAY! I hear 'ya. I have such an on-again/off-again relationship with both. Sometimes social media feels like too much pressure, which causes me to abandon ship altogether. Here's to being present whenever the hell you feel like it!

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