Friday, October 1, 2010

Falling in Love (With A WIP)

Okay, so I've been sick. Like, feverish-can't-get-out-of-bed-call-in-reinforcements-SICK. After spending all day in bed yesterday, though, I had to sit upright today. And while I was sitting upright, playing stupid FB games and thinking about napping, my brain started to do that irritating thing that Writer's Brains do where it fires off convos between characters. And once it starts, it generally doesn't SHUT UP until you write them down.

So, in the interest of getting better (and getting to take a nap), I did. And the most AMAZING thing happened: It works. I suddenly understood one of my characters so much better. And after all this time writing, plugging along happily and thinking "Wow, this all is clicking SO WELL," it finally, really, TRULY clicked. I GET it. It WORKS. And I'm in LOVE with my WIP. Big pink fluffy hearts of love. (and doom, because part of what I love is this new aspect of DOOMINESS I'm working in.) So, if you'll excuse me, my WIP and I will be skipping through flower-filled meadows and taking long walks on the beach. And then maybe we'll take a nap.


Bitten Usagi said...

YAY!! For the falling in love part, not the sick part. Maybe when you're done your WIP will kick your cold where it counts.

Well enjoy your skipping!! My WIP is mad at me because I've been neglecting it for school. T^T Oops.

Andrea Mack said...

It's so cool when everything starts coming together and just feels like a book! I like the design of your blog.

Cheryl said...

I'm spending time with your blog because I miss you. I'm so happy you're in love with your WIP because you know what? I'm in love with it, too. Now hurry up and get back here so we can squee about it together. ;)

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